In celebration of the month of Love,
we are collaborating with the royalty of silk florals:

- Pavo Florals -

- Introducing Pavo Florals -

Lasting Luxury Florals Arrangement 
Sophisticated Bouquets for Love and Eternity

- Timeless Florals as its Finest -

Creating luxury floral arrangements with top-notch quality fleurs en soie, true touch silk florals, 
Pavo Florals prides itself on its floral arrangements that are meant for true royals and fashionistas.

Pavo’s fleurs en soie share the same beauty and grace as fresh flowers, only they stay bloomed forever, and they are so refined that they are almost perfect. 

Pavo’s true touch florals are prestigious and magical, because they do not just look and feel like fresh flowers, you can also smell them, with the calming and sweet aroma that Rose Geranium and Peony can offer.