About Us

Our Story

Federico Vignato is a leather goods label that combines the best of the east and west. Our collections are designed in Hong Kong, a vibrant and diverse city filled with stories and inspirations, and made in Italy with the finest and most authentic craftsmanship by artisans who are well respected by the industry.

Our founders started the brand with a strong vision in mind- a luxury feel does not dictate a luxury price tag in the case of Federico Vignato.

Federico Vignato strives to equip modern women with luxurious, quality fashion accessories, which are stylish, and functional at an approachable price point. Our meticulous and timeless designs are teamed with an excellent sense of aesthetics and quality finishes equivalent to those of luxury brands, ensuring that each and every accessory is both relatable and highly desirable while remaining in vogue.

Our Co-Founders

Federico Vignato is founded by partners Alma Law and the brand’s namesake founder Federico Vignato

Federico Vignato is a second generation Italian fashion retailer who was born to design. Federico’s passion is rooted in his heritage, and his love for the art of traditional Italian leather craftsmanship — he works exclusively with experienced Italian artisans to create the Federico Vignato collections, an indication of his unwavering commitment to the quality and authenticity of his work.

Alma Law is the quintessential Federico Vignato’s customer – a well-travelled modern young woman always seeking new experiences. Born in Hong Kong, educated in the UK, USA, Japan, and China, her international background contributes to the brand’s understanding of what women want; Alma’s creativity and passion for high quality goods, push her to learn from various leather artisans in Italy, and translate her experience into functional, fashionable, luxurious products that are easily attainable.