Federico Vignato is a leather goods brand founded by couple Federico Vignato and Alma Law in 2015,
dedicated to sharing beautifully hand crafted leather goods that are designed and made in Italy.
We started the brand with a simple goal in mind: to create and design collections that are timeless and chic, but also rich with personality.
Our desire is to bring Italy’s traditional artisanship and talents to a wider audience.
We believe we can make it more possible and affordable for everyone to experience the beauty of Italian leather goods.

Our Founders & Design

Born and raised in Italy, Federico’s parents were both working in the fashion industry.
From a young age, he has been proud of the artistry, master craftsmanship, and the high quality of fashion products that Italy is famous for.

Born in Hong Kong, but educated in England, United States, and Japan, Alma has been a world traveler at an early age.
Fascinated by different cultures and people’s unique styles wherever she goes, she loves being exposed to new walks of life.

With their love and appreciation for all things beautiful, they use this as inspiration when designing their collection.
Everything is carefully considered with the uniqueness and lifestyle of those who appreciate a timeless piece.

Fun Fact:

As a brand, we emphasise the importance of appreciations. We appreciate quality, talents, and all kind of diversities.
Most importantly, we are also extremely grateful for those who have helped and supported us through our journey.
Therefore, we have named all our collections after our friends and family, who have shown tremendous love and support to us.
Andrea, Christina, Coralie, Jeanette, and many more to come… Thank You